Procurement Management Improvement Services(ProMISE)

We provide expediting services worldwide to keep vendor progress management up-to-date for our clients across the world. Our expeditors are trained professionals, experienced in the pre-manufacturing meeting, vendor document submissions and approvals, engineering & manufacturing progress, inspection scheduling & dispatch.

ProMISE Automation Process: For Packing List Calculations and Release

  • Packing List received from the vendor or inspector or expeditor in excel format.
  • It can have multiple single packing list and multiple values for the Purchase Order Positions for different line items.
  • All the Packing List quantities are calculated and the exact weight for the each positions are derived so that it can be used for input in the procurement management software and release for billing to client.

ProMISE Release Progress Tracker: For Bulk Materials

Mark & Bolts list are prepared for each bulk materials/structure and packing list is getting updated by vendor when ever there is a release for each material.

Since it’s a ongoing process, so getting visibility of exact released and pending status at one single view becomes tedious job for below details

  • Total Mark Weight based on Structure ID
  • PL Weight based on Structure ID
  • List of unique PL for each Structure ID
  • Total Completed and Pending %

ProMISE Packing List modification in Non-English Language: to include end-user classification code in a non-English language in the Packing List

For example, in Russian projects, vendors prepare and submit the packing list to EPC in English. The corresponding Russian classification code and description in Russian for each packing list is required for submission to regulatory bodies for border control / client site.


Currently, EPC has to manually map the classification code and description in Russian language for each material and insert it into every Packing List sheet.(As per the local government norms). This process is time consuming and may cause error.