What happens after the items are inspected, packed and ready to go?


In most cases, the items are transported to user site by road, rail, air or sea. At times, there is multi-modal transportation involved in progress of the delivery process.

The mode of transportation depends on the size of the items and the location of end user. Large items or oversized consignment is delivered using special purpose vehicles or by barges.

Irrespective of the type of cargo and its mode of transportation, a number of lifting, shifting and settling operations are carried out. If not carried out under supervision, the items may be damaged and will need repair or rework at site to restore their original status.

Prime4 logistics inspection add value by providing experienced surveyors during each of the loading unloading operations to make sure that the items reach in ready-to-use conditions.

Our experienced surveyors check the capacity of the lifting and shifting tools and equipment, their functioning and safe operating conditions before being put to use. This eliminates the risk of sudden failures causing damage.

The objective of such inspection is to make sure that items reach the destination in ready-to-use condition, avoid rework / repair at site, eliminate lengthy insurance claims and litigations.

Prime4 surveyors report activities with intensive photographic and video evidences to put clients at peace.

Prime4 has already provided such services worldwide during:

  • stuffing of containers at vendor / port;
  • loading / unloading of large equipment at port / from ships;
  • Transferring load from barge to trailer and moving to site.
  • Lifting and shifting from vendor to site by road